Johnson City Power Board AMI

Major power providers such as the Tennessee Valley Authority have launched a  ‘Progressive Rate Billing Structure’ to local distributors with cost rates based on demand, capacity and usage by period. Power distribution companies are now required to more closely monitor power consumption by all users. Advanced Wireless Solutions was selected by the JohnsonCityPowerBoard for construction of six electronic metering data collection sites in the JCPB distribution/service area. With an overall  system design by the Canadian company Tantalus, these sites allow minute-by-minute monitoring of some 65,000 ‘smart’ meters providing electric power to residential, commercial and industrial customers. The scope of work at each location included site clearing and grading, installation of foundations, receipt and installation of pre-cast equipment shelters, installation of  electrical services and grounding systems as well as installation and testing of specified antennas, coaxial lines and system equipment.